COVID Disclosure

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group, Our Mission, and most importantly, our rescue dogs available for fostering and/or adoption.

The recent pandemic with the related stay at home orders and increase of individuals/families working from home full time, has increased the daily number of adoption/foster applications received by our rescue, ten-fold.

We are, and have always been, an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Like you, our volunteers are adjusting to this new normal, dealing with new work obligations, home schooling commitments, family needs, etc., etc., and still stepping up to the plate to help our rescue dogs. To expedite all adoption/foster applications submitted to us, we ask that you do the following: Be honest, open and transparent in your application responses and subsequent discussions with your assigned applications counselor.

Be patient with our application review/approval process.

Once assigned an applications counselor, communicate directly with that applications counselor rather than our general email or our Facebook pm.

Be comfortable with the fact that we will request various personal documents from you in our application review process and will use various third party sources to verify the information you have provided us.

Understand that we have historical experience and business related rules that may prohibit us from placing our rescue dogs as fosters and/or potential adoptions in certain situations. (If you fall into one of these situations, we will do our best to direct you to other rescues and/or shelters that may not have the same limitations and thus may be able to help you ultimately find a dog.)

Understand that many of our younger dogs, puppies and dogs with a heart grabbing story currently receive in excess of 10 applications within the first hour after they are posted to Facebook or our website and we can ultimately only place that dog/puppy in one home.

Understand fostering or adopting a rescue dog is making a huge irrevocable commitment to that rescue dog. As a foster, it is committing to that rescue dog until he/she is adopted, however long that takes. With adoption it is committing to that rescue dog for his/her entire remaining lifetime, which in some cases can be a 15 year + commitment. This commitment not only involves your time (and money in the case of adoption) but also involves your physical and emotional investment in the rescue dog on a daily basis. If you are the least bit uncertain about your ability to fully commit and live up to the extensive requirements that come with fostering or adopting a rescue dog (regardless of what curve balls life may present to you down the road), then hold off on applying to foster/adopt a rescue dog. Instead, consider volunteering, there are many ways to help the rescue dogs and be a part of our life saving mission.

Understand as a rescue we strive to find the best possible foster and forever home for each of our rescue dogs, based on what we believe each of our rescue dogs specifically and individually needs to feel safe, secure and loved for the rest of his/her natural life. In some cases, this may mean that the rescue dog you were attracted to that led you to apply to foster or adopt through us, may not be available for fostering and/or adoption by you. Those decisions when they are made, are not intended to be a negative connotation on you or any applicant. They are made and based solely on what we have determined each of our rescue dog specifically and individually needs in a foster or forever home.

Thank you for considering opening your home to a rescue dog. We couldn’t do this without you.