Paw Up! Medical Fund

          As Labradors and Friends began to grow, we realized the necessity of having a designated medical fund to help shelter dogs in need of medical attention. For these dogs, the only thing standing between them and their freedom from the shelter was medication, surgery, or other forms of medical treatment. During this time, we were seeing an increase in the number of dogs with upper respiratory infections, broken bones, torn ACL's, tumors, skin issues, and other life-threatening ailments. Dogs with these treatable issues were being passed-over for adoption in the shelter by adopters who preferred dogs in better health and by other local rescues who were looking to save only healthy and highly-adoptable dogs. We at Labradors and Friends knew that these sick and injured canines were dogs that with appropriate medical attention and care could go on to be highly-adoptable dogs that would lead long healthy lives as loved members of a family. Thus, in January of 2009, to address the plight of thousands of sick and injured dogs being euthanized in Southern California shelters, the Paw Up! Fund was formed. The Paw Up! Fund was created to help this deserving population of dogs who just need a medical "paw up" to make it out of the shelter system alive and receive treatment for their medical conditions before being adopted into their forever homes.

           Over the past four years, the “Paw Up!” fund has helped Labradors and Friends save hundreds of Southern California dogs of all ages, as well as dogs from Arizona, Texas, Utah, Taiwan, Baja CA, etc., that would have otherwise been euthanized in the shelter system because of their medical issues. With the help of the Paw Up! Fund, Labradors and Friends has been able to pull these sick and injured dogs from the shelter so that they can receive immediate medical attention, recover in a loving foster home, and then transition to life with their forever families. Recently, the number of shelter dogs needing rescue who require medical assistance is increasing, and Labradors and Friends is proud be able to step up and save so many of these dogs as a direct result of our Paw Up! Fund. Labradors and Friends is committed to making sure that every shelter dog has a “paw up” waiting for them if they should need it, and that no shelter dog should lose their life because of a treatable illness or condition.

Here are just some of the amazing rescues who have benefitted from our Paw Up! Medical Fund.


At 10 am Sunday morning one of our volunteers got a call from the Carson Shelter. Earlier this week 5 Labrador Puppies were found "as strays" and dumped at the shelter. It is hard to find a litter of 5 four month old puppies, so we figured it was more than likely an owner surrender (possible backyard breeder) All the puppies had commitment to adopts, but we were the back up interested party. This morning we were given 2 hours to save all 5 or they were going to be euthanized. They have PARVO and are VERY sick! There was no way we were going to turn our back on them and now they are in the hospital fighting for their lives.
Two have already needed blood transfusions and we are praying all 5 can beat this. They were covered in diarrhea, vomit and other bodily fluids. They were likely never vaccinated and exposed the by person who surrendered them as strays.
WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible Donation towards their EXTENSIVE medical care! They are fighting and we are right there with them!! No donation is too small and they deserve everything we can do for them! THANK YOU!!
 See more at: Click here to help Carson 5


***Puppy Leia Needs OUR HELP!!

Imagine being a 6 month old puppy…you are lost…hit by a car and then end up in the shelter! That is what happened to our adorable puppy Leia. Our sweet puppy ended up at the Carson shelter with lacerations all over her body and mouth and a fractured right humeral head to her front leg. THIS IS VERY PAINFUL!!! She requires surgery ASAP to repair the break. Please help us get Leia the surgery she needs! No donation is too small and they are all 100% Tax Deductible. What is a Starbucks or two this week when a puppy is in pain and needs our help? THANK YOU!!!
 See more at: Click here to help Leia

***Punk Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Punk's story is a familiar one...a great, middle aged dog gets left at the shelter because they need surgery. Punk (that was his real name) was surrendered to the OC Animal Shelter by his family because he was in pain and needs ACL surgery. While we do not understand that way of thinking we do know that Punk is an AMAZING dog who needed a Paw Up! No one was stepping up to help him, he was down to his last morning alive and we got him out.
Punk needs ACL surgery ASAP! He is in pain and unable to stand properly because of it. No donation is too small and Punk is so deserving! All donations are 100% Tax Deductible. If we all give up Starbucks this amazing boy can be pain free and live a normal, happy, healthy life!! THANK YOU!
 See more at: Click here to help Punk



***Honey Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Being in the right place at the right time can mean life or death...a relative of one of our volunteers was driving in Torrance. She saw a young dog get hit by a car. She got out of her truck and the injured pup came right up to her. She immediately took her to an ER vet, she was scanned for a chip and her owner was contacted. What should have been a feel good moment turned into a a crushing blow.
The owner didn't care about their dog...they said to euthanize her. The vets office had Animal Control call and they told them the same thing...they didn't care or want her anymore. The vets office gave our good samaritan only a few hours to either pay the medical or they were euthanizing her...
We weren't going to let that happen and now Honey is our vet getting the immediate medical attention she needs. Honey has lacerations on her head, some truama and a badly broken Femur. She will need surgery to repair and stabilize the break. Now we need YOUR help! We couldn't let this young girl die because her family didn't care about her.
Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards her medical care. Honey is a doll and deserves all the help we can give her! No donation is too small! THANK YOU!! - See more at: Click here to help Honey

PawUpSandy ***Sandy Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Young, alone and barely a year old that is what happened to our Sandy. Sandy was found on the side of the road by a good samaritan, she was taken to the vet where they found her covered in ticks and a broken femur. Unable to bear weight on her rear leg they knew she would need surgery. Even in incredible pain Sandy wagged her tail, gave kisses and loved everyone she met. Unable to afford her immediate medical care we were contacted to help.
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Sandy needs surgery to repair her broken leg. Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards her surgery. No donation is too small and Sandy is SO worth it! Thank You!!
Sandy says Woof!

PawUp Buster Help Donate

Our sweet boy Arroyo was rescued from the Apple Valley shelter with his daughter a few months ago. She has found her forever home and Arroyo, an absolute love, has been living in his foster home. Arroyo is a perfect gentleman and a very gentle soul. Yesterday his tongue started bleeding for no reason. Today he needs emergency surgery to remove 1/3 of it because of a tumor that ruptured. We need your help to cover this unexpected medical expense. No donation is too small and it will all go towards his surgery and ongoing medical care. We will be sending it out for biopsy to know what we maybe dealing with. All donations are 100% Tax Deductible. Please help us help Arroyo!! - See more at:
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PawUpZionk ***Zionk Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
One has to wonder how a puppy born with Type 2 congenital lateral elbow luxation (lack of a humeroulnar ligament) could find himself wandering around lost by himself in Downey, Los Angeles. Yes, picked up as a stray our sweet, 7 week old puppy Zoink had the odds stacked against him. Thankfully, the shelter contacted us and we made sure Zoink was safe. Now, he needs ALL OUR HELP, to get a much needed surgery to help him walk upright! Zoink needs surgery on both his elbows to help give him a chance at a normal life!.
 Click Here to Donate and view her video

Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Zoink's surgery and medical care. No donation is to small and this lil guy is SO deserving!!! Please help us help this amazing baby!! Thank You!
Zionk says Woof!

PawUpEmily ***Emily Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
A generic black dog was on the streets of Los Angeles, scared and alone. A good samaritan was trying to help her when tragedy struck...she was hit by a car! Both of her front legs were damaged...she had surgery on the right leg but there was something she found herself at the Baldwin Park Shelter.
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One of our volunteers saw the video of the sweet girl we now call Emily and we knew we had to help her. There was no interest in her, no pledges, but we knew she deserved a chance at life, which at the shelter, in her condition, was not going to happen. We rescued Emily and now she is receiving the medical care she deserves. Emily has a VERY long road ahead of her. She is currently hospitalized with a massive infection, clear to her bone in both legs. The hardware from her first surgery is coming through her skin. She has daily bandage changes and they are trying to stabilize her left leg, which has nerve damage so she can walk on it as her right leg is completely unstable.
Emily will need surgeries once the infection has cleared. We are waiting on culture results so we know which antibiotic can knock this out. Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Emily's medical bills.
Emily says Woof!

PawUpTank ***TANK NEEDS OUR HELP!!!***

We rescued Tank and Sugar from the Baldwin Park Shelter the same day. Tank was scheduled for euthanasia because he had chemical burns on his neck. Now, this big teddy bear has PNEUMONIA!! He has it in both lungs, his heart is enlarged and we are doing everything we can for him, but we need YOUR HELP!

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Tank is loved by everyone who meets him. Please help us by making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards his care! This baby is so deserving and we truly appreciate the support! We pulled him when others passed him by and we are not turning our back on him now!

Thank You Everyone for the Support!!
Our sweet Sugar is still in the hospital receiving critical care for pneumonia! She is getting nebulizer treatments, IV Fluids and Antibiotics and 24 hour care! She was coming off the oxygen this evening and so far holding her own. PLEASE we need your help! Her bill is growing and we are not giving up!
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All donations are 100% Tax Deductible and no donation is too small!! We cannot help her without YOUR support!!
Thank You!!
PawUp Buster Help Donate

This sweet, 3 month old puppy was picked up by San Diego Animal Control is HORRIBLE shape! Buster may have either been a bait dog or he was attacked while on the streets. He came in with multiple puncture wounds, generalized demodex mange, swollen paws and a painful body. We were asked to help and we couldn't say no!
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Now we need your help! Our medical fund is dangerously low with all the major medical we have had. Currently he is in medical boarding while we try to get him comfortable and treat his wounds and skin. Buster deserves so much and we are committed to him but we need your help! Please consider giving up a few cups of Starbucks this week to help Buster! All donations are 100% tax deductible!
Thank You ♥
PawUp Jack Help and Donate

Being a big, black dog in a shelter is bad, being that and injured is as bad as it gets! Sweet Jack found himself in the East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles limping on his rear leg. X-rays were done and it was found that poor Jack had a torn ACL. Emergency pleas went out to help him and sadly no one was responding. Thankfully, we love our big, black dogs and we searched for a temporary foster in LA while we arranged transport and surgery. We were able to rescue Jack and he is scheduled to have surgery this week. Please help us help Jack! The cost of his surgery is $2000 and we need YOUR help to make this happen! All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go towards Jack's medical care! Jack is a big, lovable guy who gets along great with everyone, he deserves to be pain free! Thank You!
PawUp CiCi Help Donate

Sweet Cici was picked up by Los Angeles Animal Control on March 24th. She was taken to the East Valley shelter in bad shape. She had clearly been hit by a car and had severe chest trauma. She was put on fluids and stabilized. Urgent pleas to help her went out for days, no rescue was stepping up to help her. After seeing another urgent plea on April 1st we secured transport and rushed her to our vet.
We thought Cici only had chest trauma, which she sure did, however, it is much worse than that! Cici has not one, but two broken legs. Her front leg is broken by her ulna and her rear leg has a shattered stifle. She requires back to back surgeries to stabilize both bones. She has been hospitalized for the past week stabilizing the damage done to her lungs so she can even under go surgery.
It was never disclosed to us she had even one broken leg. We are committed to her 100% but we need YOUR HELP! The cost to save Cici is going to exceed $4000 with 2 major surgeries and her extended hospital stay to stabilize her and help her with two broken legs. Please consider making a 100% tax deductible donation towards Cici's major medical expenses. She is going to require on going care and rehabilitation. We CANNOT do this without YOUR HELP!
PawUpLola *** URGENT! We Need YOUR Help!! ***

We rescued Josephine and her 8 new born babies from the Hesperia shelter on Tuesday and the family is VERY sick! Mom is in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs! She is receiving emergency medical care RIGHT NOW! All of her babies are also showing signs of upper respiratory and are on antibiotics!

Click Here to Donate to Josephine and her 8 new born babies

Josephine's babies are now being bottle fed to help save them. While mom fights for her life! We need YOUR help with her medical care, we are doing everything we can for her! All donations are 100% Tax Deductible and we cannot do this without EVERYONE'S SUPPORT! Thank You!!

PawUpLola ***Lola Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***

Alone and scared at the Lancaster Shelter with a wound on her head a sweet puppy was hoping someone would help her…she sat and waited…and waited... When we received the plea we mobilized and in less than 24 hours she was out and at the vet receiving medical care. Sadly, our sweet puppy was hit so hard in the head she is going to loose her eye. She has severe swelling, infection and is unable to see out of her left eye.

Lola is having surgery to remove her eye and drain the infection from behind it. All through this ordeal she is a sweet, happy, otherwise healthy puppy who loves to snuggle in her foster home. We are grateful to Lola's wonderful foster parents helping her through all this. Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible Donation towards Puppy Lola's surgery and medical care. No donation is too small and we cannot do this without YOU! Thank You!

Paw up Trip

Puppy Willie needs our help NOW! This sweet, 10 week old puppy was rescued with his mom and siblings from the Apple Valley Shelter. Two weeks ago Willie started to get sick. At first he was misdiagnosed, treated for something else for 8 days, only to continue vomiting after he ate. On Tuesday we took an X-ray of Willie's chest and esophagus thinking maybe he had an obstruction or a condition called Mega-Esophagus. What we found is Willie was born with a heart defect! He has an extra Aorta. As he grew the extra Aorta was putting pressure on his esophagus causing him to throw up. Willie needs life saving open heart surgery to correct the defect and eliminate the secondary condition mega esophagus! The cost of this surgery is $2,000 and we cannot do this without YOU! All donations are 100% Tax Deductible and will go towards Willie's surgery and medical bills. To date, not including the surgery we have already spent $1,000 on his care! Please, help us help puppy Willie!!
Paw up Trip Sweet Trip is a 5-6 month old lab mix who found his way to the Downey Shelter in Los Angeles. From the minute the volunteers met him they new they were going to get him safely into a rescue. When we were asked we couldn't say no! Trip was born with a deformity to his right front leg. It didn't slow this active puppy down, but you could tell it was bothering him and it was causing issues with his left shoulder. Trip will need to have amputation surgery to help him live a normal, happy life. The cost for this surgery is $1400. No donation is too small and it will go towards Trips surgery and aftercare. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Thank you for
PawUpTonka ***Tonka Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Tonka is just a baby, picked up off of Craig's List, this 8 week old baby got sick and was brought to our vet. We got a call this morning asking if we could help him...he tested positive for Parvo and his owner signed him over for euthanasia. When we heard that we knew we had to give Tonka a chance...
Please help us with Tonka's Emergency Medical Treatment! We were not planning on this but we couldn't say no. No donation is too small and Tonka needs all OUR help! Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Tonka's Medical Care!! He Needs ALL OF US!! - See more at: Click here to help Tonka

PawUpAustin ***Austin Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Austin is a handsome, sweet, loving 5 year old (we believe younger) boxer mix who was on the euthanasia list at the Orange County Shelter. Austin was picked up with a LARGE, ulcerated mass on his testicles that was affecting his entire rear end and lymph nodes. He couldn't sit and laying down was extremely uncomfortable. The shelter gave us a few short hours to get him out and we did!
Now we need your help! We have done the tests, Austin is anemic from a chronic infection, lungs clear, abdomen clear and we need to have that growth and the surrounding area removed and biopopsied ASAP! Austin is one in a million and has as spirit and smile that is infectious. Please help us help him!
No donation is too small and it will go towards Austin's medical expenses. They are mounting but he deserves a chance at life! All donations are 100% Tax Deductible!! Please donate, share and help us help Austin! Thank You!
See more at: Click Here to donate

PawUpJoey ***Joey Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Alone, scared and badly injured a lonely dog sat in Tijuana wating for someone to help. A good samaritan found him and took him to the vet. His injuries were far more than she could help and an email went out for a California rescue to help. We responded, something about his face haunted us. We knew he had been hit by a car, but had no idea the extent of his injuries. The broken dog from TJ would now be known as Joey.
It was tough getting Joey across the border, everyone thought he had been abused, but that wasn't the case. Joey had been hit by a car, where he sat, broken until someone found him. His hip was dislocated, back was broken, large lacerations on his legs, but even with all that he still a sweet heart.
Joey has had surgery to repair his dislocated hip, his wounds are healing and now comes the hard part. Joey needs a cart and LOTS of physical therapy. He does have feeling and sensations in his rear legs and we are hopeful we can help him be more mobile and have a good quality of life. Joey deserves that and so much more.
- See more at: Click Here to Donate and his video

Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible Donation towards Joey's cart and ongoing medical care. Joey is what rescue is about and we can only help the dogs like Joey with everyone's help! Thank You!

helping us give Trip the happy life he deserves! Thank you for helping us give Trip the happy life he deserves!


Sweet puppy Capone was adopted on Monday and then returned back to the shelter on Friday VERY sick. Capone is barely 4 months old and he has pneumonia in both his lungs. The family who adopted him couldn't afford his treatment and the San Bernardino system just wanted to let him go. We had to act fast and he is in the hospital tonight on IV fluids, antibiotics, nutrition and fighting for his life. This was completely unexpected, but it is what we do! Please help us help Puppy Capone by donating towards his care. All donations are 100% tax deductible and no donation is too small. Please keep Capone in your thoughts and prayers, he is going to need it. Thank you!

No donation is too small! Thank You!



Aboo, Mercutio and Romeo need our help FAST! Gracie's boys were born with
Diaphragmatic Hernias

Read more about Hernias here

and they need surgery ASAP to help them live happy,normal lives!
The cost for each puppy is $1350! That is times 3 and we need your help!
No donation is too small and it will all go toward their surgery! 
romeo  All donations are 100% tax deductible and what better gift then helping 3 deserving puppies! 

We are committed to giving them the best and need your help to do it!


Our sweet girl Harper needs all of our help right now! She was admitted Monday night into the ER with a 106 fever! She came down on transport and wan't acting right. Her foster mom kept an eye on her and knew someting was wrong after a few hours. She is currently on IV fluids, antibiotics and ice packs to try and get her fever to break! She had surgery to remove a growth at the shelter along with her spay and now the ER Vet thinks she is septic. She is fighting and we won't give up, but we need your help! Please consider making a 100% tax deductible donation towards her care! No donation is too small and it will all go towards Harper's medical expenses! Thank you!

No donation is too small! Thank You!



His name is Chance, since he has been given a second chance.
Left along to die in the remote desert mountains of San Bernardino this sweet 8 month old boy didn't have much of a chance at surviving. He was picked up by Hesperia Animal Services emaciated, a broken rear leg and starving to death. There was no doubt he was dumped being how remote the area was. When he was first brought in they didn't even expect him to make it through the night, but he did and then they contacted us. Our lil man is now known as Chance, because he has been given a second chance and we are going to do everything we can to help him! At this point we are not sure if we will be able to save his rear leg since the shelter doesn't have a way to do X-rays. Of course we will do everything we can to save the leg, but he may need to have it amputated. Please help us give Chance the life he deserves! All donations are 100% tax deductible and no donation is too small. Chance will require surgery and medical care to help him get better, please let's not let him down again! Thank you!




Sweet Tiffany was pulled from a high kill shelter after she was found emaciated. Tiffany had an upper respiratory infection and they spayed her anyway. Now our poor 35 pound girl is in the hospital fighting for her life with pneumonia! She is VERY sick and we are doing everything we can to save her. Please help us by making a donation towards her rising medical bill. So far we are at $2500 and it is rising daily! Tiffany is an angel who deserves a chance! All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go towards her care!

No donation is too small! Thank You!



Help Labs and Friends save Mohawk

Our sweet Mohawk was rescued just moments before he and his family were to be euthanized at a high kill shelter in the desert.  Mohawk was neutered on a Thursday (6/7) and by Friday he had a raging infection!  Our sweet boy had to have surgery on Saturday(6/9) to remove dead tissue and to drain the infection that was ravaging his surgical site.  This past Saturday (6/16) he required a second surgery to remove more dead tissue from his original neuter surgical site.  This baby has been through so much and we need your help to pay for the unexpected medical bills.  Mohawk is in a loving foster home getting socialized and loved.  Please help us by donating towards Mohawks emergency medical care.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and no donation is too small! This sweet boy is worth every penny!

Help Labs and Friends save Ducky

Help Labs and Friends save Ducky

At only 9 weeks old Playa, Chico, Francesca and Chica are just babies fighting for their lives!

They were rescued along with 3 other siblings from Baja and are now very sick. Sadly, they lost their brother, Rodrigo, Sunday morning. Two of them tested positive for parvo and the others were symptomatic, so we are treating them aggressively to save their lives. At less then 5 pounds these little angel need all the positive thoughts and prayers they can get. All donations are 100% tax deductible and we are committed to saving their lives! We rely solely on donations to help these wonderful kids, so please consider giving up a cup of Starbucks, or maybe a few this week, to help sweet little Playa, Chico, Francesca and Chica. Thank you!


Help Labs and Friends save Ducky

Help Labs and Friends save Ducky
Cody needs surgery please donate

Our sweet Barney was an 11th hour save from a very high kill shelter. We had no idea this poor baby had been hit by a car until he got down to San Diego and we noticed he wasn't putting weight on his rear left leg. This incredibly sweet, easy going boy will require FHO surgery on his left leg and possible hip surgery on his right. Please help us raise the $1500 needed for his FHO surgery which is URGENT! All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go toward Barney's surgery. If we all gave up Starbucks once this week Barney can have the surgery he needs! Please help us help this amazing boy! Kisses Barney


Cody needs surgery please donate
Sweet, sweet Cody, abandoned by his family at a very high kill shelter the week before Christmas, needs our help! Cody needs surgery to remove growths on the inside of his eyelids. Our vet feels he is in pain, they are beginning to open and ooze and we don't want him to loose his vision. The cost of Cody's surgery is $850! Please consider giving a 100% tax deductible donation to help Cody! Our sweet Classic Lab deserves to be pain free! If everyone gave up just one Starbucks this week we would have the surgery covered! Licks, Tail Wags and Kisses from Cody!



Please Help! Little Kettles needs hip surgery!!!

This poor little guy has had a really rough start to his life. A few months ago he washed up in a very high-kill shelter with a micro-chip and tags, and his owners were called, but the numbers had been disconnected. It was probably for the best that his "so-called owners" couldn't be found, as it was obvious that this pup was not well taken care of. He arrived at the shelter severely emaciated, filthy, and covered in cuts and open wounds. All were evidence that this 1yr old pup had been living on the streets for sometime (and since his foster mom says that he is not "a runner", and actually just sits in the yard when the gate is open, one can assume that he was probably dumped out in a rural area by some heartless person). He also had healed scarring that appeared to have been from getting caught on the sharp ends of a chain link fence and scars that appear to have been inflicted by some callous person who used this little dog as an ashtray for their cigarettes.

To top it all off, his broken hip and fear of cars leads one to believe that he was probably hit by a car several months ago, and never received treatment for his injuries, which caused him to have a severe limp, and to often not use his left rear leg at all. Abandoned, starved, injured, and abused, this poor puppy just couldn't catch a break! Then, a month or so ago, this little pup was given a new lease on life when he found himself in the care of Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue. For the first time in a long time, he had a soft comfy bed, all the food a skinny pup could eat, fluffy toys, and lots of love from his foster family. What is truly amazing about this dog is that for how horribly people have treated him in his short life, he is completely in love with everyone that he meets. He is a total lap dog and just wants to give kisses. He's a little shadow who just wants his very own human. He's come a long way in a short time, which is a testament to his spirit!!! He's learning how to live in a house, how to have good manners, that other dogs are friendly and want to be his pals, and now his best doggie buddy is L&F's tripawed Charlie, and they are nearly inseparable, he's at a healthy weight, and he sits and stays when asked-good puppy!!! Kettles wants to find his forever family, but first he needs to be fixed-up good as new, so we're asking everyone to please contribute what ever amount is convenient to help us cover the cost of his $1450 FHO hip surgery. For all that little Kettles has been through in the past year, he deserves a few bucks to help him become a healthy adoptable pup! Kettles sends everyone who opens their hearts and wallets for him a big wet kiss of thanks!
Chandler was picked up as a stray and brought to the Devore shelter. He had a "tumor" on his shoulder and a "clouding" of his eye. Rescued literally an hour before being euthanized we all rallied together to get him safe and then onto our vet in San Diego. When the vet called we were horrified...this big love was used for BB target practice! The clouding in his eye is from a BB lodged in it. The swelling in his shoulder/chest is from shrapnel and pellets causing a massive infection. He also has BB's in his sinus cavity and spine. Amazingly, all Chandler wants is love and affection! We are hoping antibiotics will stabilize the infection so he can have surgery to remove the pellets and shrapnel causing the infection. There is concern it is in the bone, but we will cross each bridge in due time.

Max is a 5 year old black lab who was hit by a car and found himself in the Redlands shelter in tremendous pain.  The word went out and when no one responded their volunteer contacted us directly to see if we could help.  When we saw his face we just couldn't say no!  Max has a dislocated hip and will require surgery to repair it.  The estimated cost for this surgery is $1900.  We have been hit with 5 medical dogs in the past 3 weeks and can really use your help!

Please consider making a 100% tax deductive donation towards Max's care.  No donation is too small and they are all appreciated so much!  Thank You!



When a call comes in about an injured puppy it is really hard for us to say no. When we saw this face we immediately went into action! This adorable, 8-10 week old boy, now known as Dylan, was found by a good samaritan and brought to the Downey Shelter in Los Angeles.  Unable to stand the shelter staff immediately started calling rescues. With the help of some great friends we were able to get him sprung and transported to the vet with in 24 hours! Even in a tremendous amount of pain Dylan gives kisses, nose nibbles and just wants to snuggle close to you.
  X-rays confirmed Dylan has 3 fractures to his pelvis on the left side and a broken Femur on the right side. Dylan will require surgery to repair his broken leg and stabilize his pelvis. Initial estimate is $3200. We need your help! Please consider making a 100% tax deductible donation towards Dylan's medical care. This special boy needs all of us right now!


Help Chuck donate to labs and friends UPDATE: Charlie had his surgery on Thursday 1/12/12. Tonight he is resting comfortably in his foster home recovering. Thank You To Everyone who donated to help this very special boy! Click to see his You Tube video

Sweet Charlie was picked up as a stray and taken to one of our local shelters. He had clearly been injured at some point as his left front leg was dragging and he was off balance. Sadly, his family did come forward but they didn't have the financial means to treat his medical needs and they signed him over to the shelter. We were contacted right away and our volunteer went to meet him. Charlie is an absolute doll!! Even with his injuries he is happy and a typical lab. It is believed that Charlie will need to have his leg amputated. The estimate for his surgery is $1850. We need your help to make this happen! Please consider donating to help Charlie. If everyone gave up one cup of Starbucks we would be set! All donations are 100% tax deductible!


Click Here to Donate to Help Stout

Our sweet, handsome Stout, a 3 year old chocolate labrador, fell on some hard times.  You see, Stout was hit by a car and then found himself in a very high kill shelter in Los Angeles.  Even in pain this big fella wagged his tail and thanked everyone for any kindness they showed him.  We were alerted to him by a shelter volunteer who knew Labradors and Friends would make sure Stout get the medical attention he urgently needed.  Stout has a badly broken Tibia in his rear leg.  It requires immediate surgery to stablize the bone.  Yesterday we had Stout transported to San Diego for his surgery which is scheduled for today (6/29/11) and we desperately need your help!  We have been hit hard with major medical expenses in the past 6 weeks. All donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to the dogs needing the care.  No donation is too small!  Please help us help Stout and more loving and deserving labs like him!  Licks, Slobbers, Tail Wags and Cuddles, Stout



Rose is a sweet, delicate 6 year old flower who was picked up as a stray and brought to a very high kill shelter.  When we inquired about her we were told she had a broken pelvis and she would be euthanized on her first available day if a rescue didn't get her.  Passed on by other rescues we weren't going to let Rose down.  Rose was covered in urine and unable to walk; we immediately brought her to the Vet on Sunday when we pulled her.  Our sweet Rose has a severely broken rear leg.  She will require immediate surgery to put the bone back together. The estimated cost of this surgery is $3,000!  We can't and won't let Rose down, but we need your help!  Rose's surgery is scheduled for Thursday May 26th.   Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards Rose's surgery and other medical expenses. Rose is one of the sweetest and loving labs we have ever rescued.  No donation is too small!  Thank You!


Back in February our sweet Sundance had a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed.  Our worst fears were confirmed, it was cancer, Nerve Sheath Sarcoma.  After many consults with doctors and an oncologist we made the decision to give Sundance the best chance of a long and happy life (after all 7 is the new 3) and we are moving forward with radiation treatment.  Dr. Burke, at the Vet Speciality in San Diego, is doing the treatments and he has given us a great discount.  However, this treatment isn't cheap.  We are still looking at $2500, we need your help!  Sundance is so full of life, he doesn't know he is sick and so deserving of our help.  Sundance had his first treatement on Tuesday August 2nd, he will have many more over the next 5 weeks, but we are confident he will do well. He was a little tired after the first one, but his foster mom said over all he was okay.  All donations are 100% tax deductible, we need you to help the dogs we all love.  Thank you!





Please Help! Dottie has two broken legs!!!

Sweet, adorable Dottie was found as a stray unable to walk by animal control in Los Angeles.  At only 3 months old this little darling has not one BUT TWO broken front legs. Based on the injuries it appears our little angel was stepped on by a grown up and then tossed away like a broken toy.  Sadly, Dottie is no toy, she is a living, breathing, loving baby who was in tremendous pain.  Dottie will require surgery on both her legs to stabilize and repair the damage to the bones.  Even though Dottie is a "friend" we couldn't leave her in the shelter for another day, no other rescue was stepping up to help her, we couldn't let her down.  Please help us help her!  We estimate the cost to repair both her legs will be around $3500 and we cannot do this without your help!  All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go directly towards Dottie's care.  If we all give up Starbucks two times this week we can help Dottie!